There are many opportunities to volunteer in our school. Volunteers are needed for events (Weekly Popcorn, Open House, Lunch with Santa, Basketball, Ice Cream Social), in the library, field trips, to do photocopying and so much more. Your involvement is encouraged and appreciated.

1st time volunteers must attend a volunteer orientation.

Volunteer Orientations will be offered approx. once per month throughout the school year.

Volunteer Orientations 2018-2019 School Year:


Please contact with any questions.

Returning volunteers who have attended a orientation in the past must:

    1. Watch the video below.
    2. Read the handbook below.
    3. Complete the three forms below.
    4. Return these completed forms to the main office during regular school hours.

Volunteer Letter

Volunteer Handbook

Volunteer Application (PDF)

Volunteer Confidentially Form (PDF)

Volunteer Acknowledgement Form (PDF)