Click here for Manchester School District Volunteer Info (download forms and more):

There are many opportunities to volunteer in our school. Volunteers are needed for events (Weekly Popcorn, Open House, Lunch with Santa, Basketball, Ice Cream Social), in the library, field trips, to do photocopying and so much more. Your involvement is encouraged and appreciated.

Volunteer Orientations 2018-2019 School Year:

Wednesday September 25th at 5:30

Friday October 11th at 8:30

Friday November 15th at 8:30

Friday December 6th at 8:30

Friday January 10th at 8:30

Wednesday February 12th at 5:30

Friday March 13th at 8:30

Wednesday April 15th at 5:30

Friday May 15th at 8:30

Friday June 5th at 8:30 **final training for the school year**

Parent Volunteer Letter 2019-20