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What is NWEA?
Northwest Evaluation Association (NWEA) is a not-for-profit organization committed to helping school districts throughout the nation improve learning for all students. 

What test(s) will my students take?  
Students will be taking the adaptive MAP tests.  MAP stands for Measures of Academic Progress.  Students in Grade 1 will be taking the Primary MAP and students in Grades 2 - 5 will be taking the MAP.  Primary MAP will include tests in Reading and Math. MAP in grades 2-5 will include Reading, Language and Math tests.  Some 2nd Grade students may take the Primary MAP. Tests will be given three times a year.  Each test takes approximately 1 hour to complete.  The tests are not timed.  

What does RIT stand for?   
RIT stands for Rasch Unit.  NWEA uses RIT to give a curriculum scale score in each subject area. RIT scores range from about 140 to 300. Students typically start at the 140 to 190 level in the third grade and progress to the 240 to 300 level by high school. RIT scores make it possible to follow a student’s educational growth from year to year.  

Testing Windows 2014 - 2015: 
Fall Benchmark - September 
Week of Sept. 15  - Reading 
Week of Sept. 22  - Math 
Week of Sept. 29 - Lang. Usage 
Winter Benchmark - January TBA 
Spring Benchmark - May TBA